Zoa copying Kareena for ALWAYS KABHI KABHI?

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 03 Jun 2011 16:09:58.7270000 IST

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download ALWAYS KABHI KABHI wallpapers

Has Kareena Kapoor's naughty 'Poo' act rub upon debutant Zoa Morani as well for her upcoming release ALWAYS KABHI KABHI? Well, if one goes by indications so far, it pretty much seems so, what with the pretty girl carrying a tag of 'Don't Mess With Me' in the campus entertainer.

'In the film Zoa plays a firebrand girl called Nandini who speaks out whatever is there in her head. She doesn't think twice and even though what she mouths sometimes ends up hurting someone's feelings, she doesn't really change. She is like this gossip girl who has an edge over anyone else. That's because while everybody hates her for what she is, it is also because deep inside their heart they want to be her,' informs director Roshan Abbas.

Now this characterisation pretty much sounds similar to what Kareena had played early in her career through her 'Poo' act in KABHI KHUSHI KABHIE GHAM. Conscious of her beauty while being forever in need of all the attention, she was this popular college girl whom no one could ignore.

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Zoa denies though that she had Bebo in mind when approaching her character in ALWAYS KABHI KABHI.

'See, with all due respect to Kareena, she was a little older in KABHI KHUSHI KABHIE GHAM. It was a college setting while I am playing a 17 year old girl in ALWAYS KABHI KABHI. So it just didn't make sense for me to look at 'Poo' for reference points,' says Zoa, 'Also, the character build up of the girl in both the films is also different. You may be seeing some similarity here and there but I don't think I am playing 'Poo' here.'

But isn't she too carrying a similar 'don't you dare' attitude in the film? Also, going by what one is led to believe about her character, Zoa is indeed carrying some negative shades.

'Yes, the role starts off on a negative note but then eventually it does become positive,' confesses Zoa, 'I am someone who is totally different at the end of the film. I really change.'

Well, doesn't this 'always' happen in a Hindi film?