Glass movie review: M Night Shyamalan’s sixth sense about super heroes!!


GLASS movie review is out. M Night Shyamalan’s much awaited direct sequel to UNBREAKABLE (2000) AND SPLIT (2016) brings Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson together. While James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy return as their SPLIT characters. Does M Night Shyamalan GLASS mirrors the amazing brilliance seen of Shyamalan’s THE SIXTH SENSE, UNBREAKABLE?!. Let’s find in the movie review of GLASS.

Best part of GLASS
The core idea and James McAvoy, James is a class apart as Kevin Wendell Crumb aka ‘The Horde’ – serial killer suffering from as many as 20+ personality disorders.

What is the basic idea of GLASS?
GLASS is M Night Shyamalan’s sixth sense about super heroes!!


The Story
A few months has passed. Kevin aka The Horde (McAvoy) is busy kidnapping young women and pleasing the ‘beast’ thing. David Dunn (Bruce Willis) called as The Overseer is busy hunting Horde. Horde and Overseer meet without wasting much time and both are transported to a secret wing of a psychiatric hospital. Here they meet Mister Glass(Samuel L. Jackson). Glass is a subject to be studied by Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson), a psychiatrist who doesn’t believe in the phenomenon of super heroes. She wants people like Glass to understand that their specialty has nothing to do with the super hero thing. Super heroes exist only in comic books and every individual has something special. So far so brilliant but form here, Shyamalan’s vision starts begging and asking routes for proper execution and things go haywire, weird and unintentionally funny.

Without any iota of doubt, Shyamalan’s mastery over build up is exceptional and here too during the first 20 minutes, you feel like something extraordinary is going to happen. But all crashes down very early. The standard turns, the climax fails to make the desired impact. The action is not that striking and cameramen Michael Gioulakis striking visuals fails to get the intimacy of powerful scenes to back the core idea. On top of that Samuel L. Jackson fails to impress and Bruce Willis seems to be waiting for his best moments which hardly arrives. What a pity, once a phenomenon on box office Bruce Wills has to settle for James McAvoy’s unmatched enthusiasm that takes all the cake. Shyamalan fails to give/develop Jackson and Wills as it should have been and relies entirely on James McAvoy for the magic.

Shyamalan’s basic premise of  GLASS was the ideal conclusion to his Eastrail 177 trilogy, a sequel to Unbreakable (2000) and Split (2016) and it is said that it took around two decades for Shyamalan to get the perfect script but… if only vision could create a superhero psychological thriller then this GLASS would have shined like a lightning in the sky.

Critic Rating


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