The Lion King Movie Review :critics review, rating, cast & crew

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THE LION KING Hindi review is here. The American musical drama by Jon Favreau, is a photorealistic computer-animated remake of Disney’s traditionally animated 1994 timeless classic of the same name. The Hindi version features the voice of superstar Shah Rukh Khan as Mufasa, SRK’s son Aryan Khan as Simba, Ashish Vidyarthi as Scar, Shreyas Talpade as Timon, Asrani as Zazu and Sanjay Mishra as Pumbaa. THE LION KING is set to release on 19 July 2019 in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Does King Khan roars with his prince Aryan in the Hindi version of the much awaited THE LION KING, let’s find out in the review.

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Immediate reaction when the end credits roll
Like father, like son, King Khan Shah Rukh Khan roars with his prince Aryan to sing this ‘circle of life’ and it sounds amazing.

Memorable moments
When Mufasa (SRK) gives lessons on life to Simba (Aryan) and explains the ‘circle of life’, its magic.

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The Story of THE LION KING
In the great African savanna Simba the son of King Mufasa (Shah Rukh Khan) and Queen Sarabi takes birth. Simba, is introduced to the whole animals of savanna gathered at the Pride Rock by Rafiki the mandrill – kingdom’s shaman and advisor. King Mufasa shows Simba the Pride Lands and explains to him the responsibilities of kingship and the “circle of life”. Mufasa’s younger brother, Scar (Ashish Vidyarthi) is not happy and one day he plots the exit of Mufasa and Simba, so he may become the King. Pride Rock is ruined and Simba who was forced to leave the savanna has to come back to his home and set things right with the help of his new funny friends Timon (Shreyas Talpade) and Pumbaa (Sanjay Mishra).

Jon Favreau’s making/direction
A visual masterpiece right from the word go, THE JUNGLE BOOK fame Jon Favreau’s new version of the classic Disney’s 1994 tale is powered by a stunning cutting edge technology. This is Disney’s third revisit of its own animated classics – ALADDIN, DUMBO and it’s the best till date. The helmer maintains a soothing balance between technique and emotions with elements of family, father – son bonding, unity, community, relationships etc massaging our soul with incredible photorealism. It’s so beautiful; the wild life is so picturesque and comes with such delightful details. Beetles with whirring wings, the movement of the eyes of the just born Simba, the firefly’s, the realism in the animation, its sheer magic.

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SRK as Mufasa and Aryan as Simba
Stunning visuals and roaring, pleasing, funny voiceovers make the Hindi version of THE LION KING a family delight with solid might. King Khan Shah Rukh Khan is outstanding with his enhanced baritone that suits King Mufasa, he gets gentle when he gives lessons on good life, virtues and how to be a great King to his son.  Aryan Khan as Simba is delightfully endearing and as said earlier like father like son, prince Aryan roars like his father, this particular kingdom of THE LION KING gets a ‘Khantastic’ roar.  

Other voice over’s
Ashish Vidyarthi as Scar is subtle and scary in its measured villainy. Shreyas Talpade as Timon is delightfully funny. Asrani as Zazu is fantastic. Sanjay Mishra as Pumbaa entertains.

Playback singers Sunidhi Chauhan and Armaan Malik lend their voices to the Hindi-language soundtrack of the movie. The memorable songs of Elton John in the 1994 originals – “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, Hakuna Matata’ ‘Circle of Life’ etc are rehashed with the Indian lyrics and feel. Now nobody can match the class of Elton John. Having said that, it must be mentioned that Sunidhi and Armaan are pleasingly soulful in the songs.

Jeff Nathanson screenplay to Irene Mecchi and Jonathan Roberts story adds no innovative glory. It’s a technical marvel and is a great experience but those who are awed by the 1994 version till date, will question the reason behind going the real animation route for this remake.

Final words
All said and done, THE LION KING is a visual masterpiece with stunning animation and the Hindi version is ruled by the roaring voice over by the Khans – King Khan Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan. Jon Favreau’s magical photorealistic computer-animated remake of Disney’s 1994 all time classic honors the original story. It’s mesmerizing, enjoyable, amusing & moving family-friendly spectacle designed to circle around your life.

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