Movie Review The Possession of Hannah Grace – Fear is dead

Here is our review of the horror THE POSSESSION OF HANNAH GRACE, directed by Diederik Van Rooijen, starring Shay Mitchell & Kirby Johnson. Is it scary enough?. Find out in our review of THE POSSESSION OF HANNAH GRACE.  

The Story

A former cop Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell) is fighting her demons and substance abuse. She takes up the job of an assistant working in night shift at a morgue. Megan doesn’t believe in life after death but things take a creepy turn when the dead body of a girl Hannah (Kirby Johnson) arrives.


Any genuine scary moments?

Nothing. Brian Sieve writes a story which is far from fear, director Diederik Van Rooijen fails to provide anything above clichés and that too are dead and pale.



The movie begins where most of the others in the genre end. Hannah Grace (Kirby Johnson) is undergoing an exorcism exercise. Cut to three months Hannah’s body turns up at the morgue. Shay Mitchell as Megan has some meat behind her character and her vulnerability is convincing but the major flaw lies in the characterization of Hannah Grace which is many times unintentionally funny. She crawls like a spider, jumps and bisect mobile signals, can lift an ambulance and humans with equal ease then why the hell she has confined herself into that morgue? Pls don,t ask why Hannah is possessed. The makers seem to be under the wrong impression that naming a movie with the word ‘possession’ and shooting it in a ‘dark’ morgue will work. The premise is still fine but there are hardly any scares. With no thrills and chills, the movie’s short duration of 85 minutes seems like a never ending story of boredom and irritation.

Verdict – Is The Possession of Hannah Grace worth watching?

Seriously, with no real sense of dread and unease, THE POSSESSION OF HANNAH GRACE is one of the best ‘demon’ (read weapon) if you want to take a ‘silent’ revenge or make a dark/irritating prank on anyone.

Critic Rating


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