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The Wife Movie Review: Watch it for the incredible Glenn Close

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THE WIFE movie review is here. Starring the acclaimed Glenn Close who has bagged her seventh Oscar nomination as the best actress and won the Golden Globe 2019 for the same. Is the Bjorn Runge directed drama worth in giving Glenn Close an Oscar? Find out in THE WIFE movie review.

The most unique feature of THE WIFE
THE WIFE directed by Bjorn Runge starring Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce in lead is not just a reminder of the adage that ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’, it’s another opportunity to get up, close and personal with the incredible acting talents of the amazing Glenn Close.

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What is the story of THE WIFE?
Based on the novel of the same name by Meg Wolitzer, THE WIFE is the story of JOAN and JOE CASTLEMAN (Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce) – a couple who are together as husband and wife since forty years. The ‘ideal’ marriage sees the two complimenting each other and everything is at the disposal of the Castleman family. Joe is a great American Novelist and is about to be awarded the Nobel Prize for his acclaimed work. Joe and Joan travel to Stockholm for the Nobel prize award ceremony and the grandmother in waiting Joan opens her heart and speaks on her journey with Joe, the choices she made, the sacrifices, secrets, betrayals and mutual love.

Glenn Close performance in THE WIFE
Glenn Close is an actress par excellence and those who are aware need no introduction. Those who have followed Glenn Close’s thirty seven year old highly illustrated career which got its first shot of global fame with FATAL ATTRACTION in 1987 immediately followed by DANGEROUS LIAISONS in 1988 are aware of the heroics she can reach as an actress/performer. Here as Joan Castleman the actresses does the incredibly rare feat, the fans will love her tremendously and those who are not her fans, will turn into her admirer for sure. The way she says “ I am the king maker’ watch her closely and slowly as she spills the beans of her relationship with her famous husband Joe, like pilling of an onion, we enter into layers of emotions and showcase of Glenn Close’s acting genius. Watching the veteran actress delivering a master class in acting is a sheer pleasure.

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Bjorn Runge’s direction/story telling in THE WIFE
Glenn Close has drawn similarities between her Swedish director Bjorn Runge ( DAYBREAK (Om jag vänder mig om – original title) fame and the acclaimed master from Sweden Ingmar Bergman. Maybe because of its unique nature to emphasis on the characters specifically and remarkably bringing forth the picture in general about the ecstasy and empathy of how it would feel to be in the shoes of the protagonist for the audience. The pressure faced by wives of the rich and the famous or in general is touched upon with ease and no roar/cry on sufferings of housewife, women empowerment is made. It comes naturally and with having the incredible Glenn Close as the protagonist, it gets both easy and challenging for a sensible filmmaker like Bjorn Runge. The director successfully establishes how Joan is calmly nursing her resentment towards her husband and when a journalist Nathaniel Bone (Christian Slater) comes into her contact to write a biography on Joe, Joan sees the opportunity for the release of her feelings hidden for all these years.

Though Bjorn Runge’s assured direction highlights some instigating aspects of the price a person/ a woman has to pay to keep the ‘cult’ status of their beloved alive. The movie does finds itself entangled in a familiar web at times struggling for a way out while Glenn Close is outstanding throughout. Jonathan Pryce and Christian Slater are fantastic but other supporting casts fail to impress. Smitten by the familiarity bug at places, THE WIFE misses the opportunity to add more profound layers.

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Final words
It’s an experience to watch Glenn Close as THE WIFE well supported by Jonathan Pryce. The incredible Glenn Close seventh Oscar nomination as the best actress might give her first Oscar as the best actress but without any iota of doubt, THE WIFE is a Glenn Close movie frame by frame. It’s a most rare showcase of acting with such deep understanding of the character that you don’t bother what’s happening around and when it ends, you want to experience the magic on screen again..

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