Us movie review: A modern day horror classic


US movie review is here. Written and directed by comedian-turned-horror-maestro Jordan Peele (brilliantly thought provoking Oscar winner for best original screenplay GET OUT – his debut). Starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex, Elisabeth Moss, and Tim Heidecker, the movie has opened with rave reviews in America. US hits the Indian screens this Friday – 29 th March 2019. Is US worth the hype, let’s find out in US movie review.

Immediate reaction when the end credits of US roll
US is beyond any doubt a modern day horror classic, the genius of Jordan Peele in this historic event in American mainstream horror cinema that witnesses a nucleus of African-American characters, is such an uncanny horror movie that tempts you to have multiple viewings. Repeated haunts are guaranteed for those who make a revisit and every visit promises a new revelation.

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The Story of US
Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) and her family are on a vacation at Santa Cruz beach. While returning back to their beach house at night, Wilsons discover the silhouette of four figures holding hands outside their home. Adelaide’s husband Gabe (Winston Duke) initially doesn,t takes it seriously. But slowly what looked like a silhouette takes shape of doppelgangers of the Wilsons. Lookalike of Adelaide, Gabe and their children Zora (Shahadi Wright Joseph) and Jason (Evan Alex) threaten the Wilsons and their existence. Who are these doppelgangers?, what is haunting Adelaide?, as we try to answer these questions, the whole of Santa Cruz gets threatened by the invasion of these doppelgangers and its certainly beyond what is meeting the eye.

Jordan Peele’s US is not just a well etched horror picture; it’s a constantly reflecting metaphor on human, humanity, good, evil, and sins, boon, guilt, redemption and more, twined with the Bible verse Jeremiah 11:11 and other holy references on evil, monster, heaven and hell. Jordan Peele leaves things to our interpretation, imagination and that works wonders. Humans are not the same but almost all of them are haunted by some fear or the other. When the doppelgangers march in the household of Wilson’s, we feel the goose bumps and are baffled by a ‘reality’ check. The group of doppelgangers called the Tethered is a classic representation of the class divide that confronts the cliché belief of ‘happiness’. In general we don,t see any cinematic statement made in the horror genre. Jordan Peele’s US makes it with a haunting effect. That makes US a ‘brave’ horror movie as well. Jordan Peele is a filmmaker in the eerie genre who has established his own enigma and doesn,t really intends to follow the Hitchkokian, Shyamalan route though occasional tribute to Brian De Palma, Darren Aronofsky, Spielberg, Star Wars, etc can be noticed. The amazing pop culture references –The Goonies VHS tapes, the dig on HOME ALONE, the timely inclusion of dark humour makes US a modern day horror classic.

Lupita Nyong’o is first rate right from the word go. Menacing and fearful both displaying great degree of expertise. Very likely to bag top honors for her performance. US – a rare movie that gives almost all of his main characters to explore different shades and add contrast to their sketch. Winston Duke is fantastic. Shahadi Wright Joseph as Zora is brilliant. Jason Evan Alex as Jason is amazing.


Mike Gioulakis camera creates an atmosphere which is hauntingly eerie throughout. Michael Abels music pumps up the proceedings, Nicholas Monsour’s editing is sharp.

For cliché enthusiasts who search for all gory and are no ready to ‘think’ for a illustrating, reflecting, though provoking horror story may find this one to be a cryptic puzzle that is hard to be solved.

Final words
Jordan Peele in GET OUT proved his mettle as a storyteller to look out for. US has cemented his brilliance as a modern day genius of Horror genre – today’s Hitchcock with a difference.

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