Pokémon: Detective Pikachu movie Review: Hello you cute little weirdo in yellow

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The POKEMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU movie review is here. The first live-action/animated film in the Pokémon franchise is based on the character created by Satoshi Tajiri and the 2016 video game Detective Pikachu. Produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures and The Pokémon Company, in association with Toho Co., Ltd, the movie stars Ryan Reynolds as the voice and facial motion capture of the titular character. Directed by Rob Letterman, who co-wrote the screenplay with Dan Hernandez, Benji Samit and Derek Connolly from a story by Hernandez, Samit and Nicole Perlman, the movie is scheduled to release in the United States and India on May 10, 2019. Does it fulfill the expectations? Let’s find out in this critic review of POKÉMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU.

Immediate reaction when the end credits starts rolling
Rodents are having a blast!! After giving hope to the surviving AVENGERS, in ENDGAME, here in POKÉMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU as Pokémon, they inaugurate a weird live-action/animated neo-noir game that is poignant in realizing the dream of those who have grown up playing the video games, collecting the trading cards, or watching the Japanese anime series. The best part is – the first live-action/animated film in the Pokémon franchise is futuristic in its approach as it not only lights the lamp, it also ensures there is enough oil to keep the fire burning.

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Harry Goodman (Paul Kitson) a famous Ryme City detective. Ryme City is a place where Pokémon and people co-exist and live together in harmony. Ryme is a dazzling city with crowded streets, neon lights. Harry’s estranged son, Tim (Justice Smith), who once dreams of becoming a Pokémon trainer has abandoned his childhood dream and is living a lonely life as an insurance appraiser. One day he gets the news about his father’s death. Tim enters Ryme and his father’s mysterious film-noir like apartment, where he meets Pikachu – his father’s adorable police partner who is suffering from amnesia. As Tim and Pikachu try to put the pieces of past together, they enter into a web of uncertainties, revelations and self discovery.

Best part
Pokémon enthusiasts and non Pokémon will fall in love with the titular yellow cutie, his rosy cheeks, a lightning bolt-shaped tail and the sarcasms coming from the inspired casting of the DEADPOOL fame Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu’s voice gives POKÉMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU its required edge. And the edge is minus the ‘R’ rated slangs etc. we are used to in DEADPOOL. Director Rob Letterman (MONSTERS VS. ALIENS, GULLIVER’S TRAVELS, GOOSEBUMPS as director and LAKE PLACID – as Colour and Lighting Supervisor) creates an eye popping and dazzling Ryme City. It has the de noir flavour as well – a trench coat clad female investigator though not a detective, a Sherlock hat worn by Pikachu, the best to come on the silver screen in the Pokémon world till date, since the 1998 misfire. Thanks to the success of Pokémon Go game, the world of Pokémon is dreaming bigger. POKÉMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU is a weird mix of film-noir plot and animation live-action that reminds of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT etc.

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Bad part
At places situations are contrived. The world of POKÉMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU is a treat for fans but for those who are unaware, there is no back-story or explanation of the phenomenon. So if you are aware of every move of Pokémon from Bulbasaur to Mewtwo, if you have traded the cards, played the Game Boy cartridges, watched the animated TV show then you won’t be reading this review. For those who are unaware here is just a short info – Pikachu is a cute little yellow creature a rodent with furry. Pikachu can deliver powerful electric shocks when his cuteness is doubted by anyone. In POKÉMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU, the cute yellow colour Pikachu graduates from a pet who can only say his name – Pika, Pika to a smart urban detective with a deerstalker hat and a caffeine addiction.

Final words
Still, no matter how much you know about Pokémon, ask a kid who is a fan and you will have stories spanning hundreds of episodes. POKÉMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU is a world created from that treasure, goldfish turn into dragons, and baby dinosaurs are walking the streets with tails aflame, its dazzling and weird. In all this strange surroundings a tribute to de noir cinema takes place that emotionally connects with a family feeling and strange bromance between a human cop and a cute detective yellow Pokémon – detective Pikachu. Say hello to the cute little weirdo in yellow.

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