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The NUN Movie Review: NUN-theless it fails to scare and needs a quick burial!

Ever since the trailer of THE NUN was out there were huge expectations from the film as it was mentioned that it is prequel to CONJURING2 Directed by Corin Hardy, starring – Demian Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet.

THE NUN is the latest in the fantastically tiresome and unscary Conjuring franchise – a prequel to CONJURING 2 creating a backstory for the creepy sub-Marilyn Manson .

Much before the credits and introduction of the actors the film tries to scare the audience with its dark set up, screams, forest and a NUN who’s face is burnt..

If you are a sucker for hoorror films within 15 minutes you will get to know that the film isn’t scary and close to being spooky.

The story begins in a secluded convent in the mountains of Romania, we see two NUNs make their way to a room, the door to which bears the legend “God ends here”. The NUNs are terrified, but the older one boldly pushes forward; they must find a way to end the evil that resides beyond the door, she reminds her younger colleague. Soon enough, amid unearthly wails and howls, she reemerges, bloody and in the maws of a demon, flinging an ancient key at the younger NUN, before being pulled back inside to her death. The young NUN grabs the key and runs to her room, takes hold of a prepared noose tied to her bedpost. Then, just as the room’s door is flung open and the cross above her bedstead turns upside down, she pulls the rope tight around her neck and leaps out the window.

Moving further we wish there is something that is scary or mysterious and then comes another story line, Back at the convent, the NUN’s hanging body is discovered by a young villager who drops by every once in a while to leave supplies. Word of the suicide reaches the Vatican, which sends in its best investigator, Father Burke (Demián Bichir), to find out what caused the NUN to take such an extreme step, and also to ascertain if the land on which the convent stands “is still holy”. Father Burke is also ordered to take along on his mission a young postulate a Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga)find the villager Frenchie (Jonas Bloquet) who discovered the dead NUN, and show up at the near-deserted convent – only to find themselves in the midst of some very disturbing phenomenon.

A sinister presence roams the convent in the garb of a NUN, an evil force so intense that defeating it is near-impossible. This NUN-demon is called Valak – a name you may recognise from THE CONJURING 2

the events of which movie take place roughly 20 years after those depicted in this prequel. As Valak goes about terrorising Father Burke, Sister Irene and Frenchie, they must find a way to send her back to the hell from which she emerged.

The story moves ahead as we see sister Irene takes vows to become a NUN finally before she bids the evils off by guarding the church with Christ’s blood. The story turn gripping towards the last 40 minutes. While the end does keep you hooked and we can now relate to CONJURING 2.
There are some sequences which are loud, dark and it’s predictable that the evil NUN will hit sister Irene from behind or front. It’s not scary at all.. Even the weak hearted can watch it. There aren’t any spine chilling scenes.

Making it dark, loud, screamy doesn’t make it horror.. CONJURING was a little more scarier than NUN.

Well not to forget,therr are some light moments by Frenchie.

Director Corin Hardy did his best to enagage the audience with spooky background music, cinematography, church’s, Vatican City and more but the horror part didn’t go well at all.

NUN-theless you can skip it if you want. Rather watch Ram Gopal Varma’s horror movie..


Sidharth Shukla

Kajal Aggarwal

Nora Fatehi

Hina Khan

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