’47 Meters Down Uncaged’ uncovers an unique dimension

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After the tremendous success of 47 Meters Down, the makers of the franchise where so excited to take the story forward, that they came up with a whole new idea of Cave Diving. The second part, 47 Meters Down Uncaged will take the franchise a notch higher with the underwater experience, it revolves around the eerie experience of four friends who get lost in the deep cave waters.

According to Roberts, this film presents cave diving in an unconventional light which nobody has ever witnessed. He says, “47 Meters Down Uncaged is very different from the first one.

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These four girls – two step-sisters and two friends – basically take a day by a lake in Mexico.One of the sisters is the daughter of an archaeologist working on this underwater mine city, mapping it out, and these girls all have basic dive skills, so they decide to go down to look at the first entrance. And then the tunnel collapses and they’re trapped.”

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He added detailing more about the deadly vibe the film has by saying, “They are not alone in there! So there’s claustrophobia, plus sharks! It’s pretty scary.”

Apart from the artists being trained up, Roberts himself trained up to be a cave diver on weekends, because he knew he wanted to do a cave-diving movie.

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The movie is a horror-thriller about how four friends get trapped in the dark water while cave diving.

The film stars, Sistine Rose Stallone, Brec Bassinger, Corinne Foxx, Sophie Nelisse, along with the talented, John Corbett and Nia Long. Enjoy this uncanny horror survival in Indian Cinemas by PVR Pictures.

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