Amy Jackson urges fans to donate for devastation in Australia


Actress Amy Jackson has urged everyone to donate for Australia which is currently experiencing widespread devastation owing to bushfires in the onset of summer. She has also requested everyone to focus on a vegetarian diet or at least consume less meat.

The actress took to Instagram to share a very disturbing picture of a little girl wearing a mask, standing with a rescued koala in her arms, while there is a massive fire and flames rising in her background.

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Amy wrote: "Australia, we are with you Au. Dozens of people have lost their lives, thousands left without homes and OVER HALF A BILLION ANIMALS HAVE DIED! It's so bad that there are fears of entire species of animals and plants being wiped out. This is a climate emergency and if this doesn't ring alarm bells I don't know what will."

She further wrote: "This beautiful planet we call home is our responsibility and everything we do impacts it directly. When I read the news, my heart breaks at seeing all of these disasters but it also makes me more determined to do my part! You can too… change to a plant based diet or at least consider more veggies and less meat to begin with."


Urging everyone to donate to the cause, the actress mentioned: "Choose wisely/buy less. Support the people who are supporting our planet. PLEASE DONATE @nswrfs @thuie".

As per latest reports, over half a billion animals have been killed in New South Wales and more than 20 people have lost their lives in the fire which till now has swallowed millions of acres.





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