Anne-Marie finds Ed Sheeran very inspiring

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Singer Anne-Marie has praised inspiring pop star Ed Sheeran for always making everyone feel happy and confident in his presence.

"Him (Ed Sheeran) just as a person brings everyone a bit better in their day. He is just very inspiring. I knew he was a great songwriter and performer, but when you actually spend time with him in the studio, it's a bit like, woah, you are actually brilliant and great to be around," Anne-Marie told Bang Showbiz.

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Anne-Marie said that Sheeran loves to dress up in her clothes when they are on the road together, reports

After learning firsthand that the ‘Castle on the hill’ hitmaker enjoys nabbing her outfits and putting them on himself, she'll be keeping a tighter grasp on her wardrobe when she joins him on tour again this summer.
She said: "He always dresses up in my clothes – it's a running joke. He always takes the mick out of what I'm wearing and puts it on."

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