Ansel Elgort to be seen in this movie

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THE FAULT IN OUR STARS fame actor Ansel Elgort has joined the ensemble cast of THE GREAT HIGH SCHOOL IMPOSTER movie which is based on an article published on a Ukranian man.

The project is based on an article published earlier this year about Artur Samarin, a young Ukranian man who posed as a teenager so he could be adopted by a childless couple in a small Pennsylvania town and became the top student in his high school, Saramin was five years older than he claimed. His adopted parents later turned him to the authorities, reported

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Mike Makowsky is adapting the script while Jeremy Steckler of Conde Nast Entertainment is producing.

Apart from THE GREAT HIGH SCHOOL IMPOSTER, Elgort will also be next seen in Steven Spielberg's WEST SIDE STORY remake.

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