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Beyonce Knowles’s father battling breast cancer

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Beyonce and Solange Knowles' father Mathew Knowles has stated that he has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The 67-year-old mentioned his condition in an upcoming interview on "Good Morning America", reports bbc.co.uk.

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A teaser of the interview was posted on Tuesday to coincide with the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Male breast cancer is a rare ailment that normally occurs among men aged over 60.

In the trailer for the interview, Mathew Knowles is asked how he broke the news to his family.

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The entrepreneur and public speaker announced he would make "a special announcement" on Wednesday's programme.

Knowles, a former Xerox salesman, is best known for putting together Destiny's Child, the band that launched his eldest daughter Beyonce to stardom. He also managed her solo career until 2011.

He divorced Beyonce and Solange's mother Tina in 2011 and has since then has had two children with second wife Gena.

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