British slang lessons gave birth to ‘Proper Patola’ title

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Mumbai, Sep 12 (IANS) It’s been a few years since “Proper Patola” hit the music stores. It’s still many people’s fave dance number, and now rapper Badshah has revealed how he came up with the title of the song.

Badshah likes to create unique and globally appealing tunes and push language barriers in the Indian music scene.

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Giving the example of “Proper Patola”, he told IANS: “I came up with the title when my wife was trying to teach me a British slang – that’s how I decided to use the word, ‘Proper’.

“I wrote the song while I was on the London tube and thought it would be nice to give it that Brit-Indian vibe,” he recalled.

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He has been ranked as the fourth “most listened to artiste on Spotify India for the platform’s first six months here”. He sees it as an honour. “It reiterates one thing: consistency and quality pay off in the end. And the fact that my songs are popular across the top playlists is a show of faith by my fans. It’s a proud moment for me and my record label.”

Meanwhile, composer-singer Tanishk Bagchi has made a name for himself in the industry for recreating iconic songs.

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“I enjoy creating original music and recreating iconic songs and so far, both are doing well with audiences. They love original compositions such ‘Psycho saiyaan’ as well as iconic song remixes like ‘O saki saki’, ‘Tamma tamma’, ‘Dilbar’ and ‘Aankh marey’,” he said.

“While recreation is a trend now (in Bollywood), there are also non-film songs like ‘Vaaste’ and ‘Leja Re’ that resonate with listeners. This popularity is reflected in those tracks being among my top 10 most-streamed songs on Spotify,” he added.

Going back in time, he shared: “My journey of recreating songs started when I was a kid, and would replicate some of my favourite songs to create remixes. Even today, while reinventing songs, I retain the most memorable part of the song and add new verses to the remix.

“It’s great to see that there is a diverse music fan base in India who are hungry for different sounds.”



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