Cardi B trolled by fans for her appearance at 2020 Grammy Awards

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Rapper Cardi B who appeared at the 2020 Grammy Awards on Saturday night, has sparked off plastic surgery rumours lately.

The rapper was trolled by many after she shared her recent pictures on social media.

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Netizens started flooding her pictures with comments. Many even claimed that she resembled her arch-rival Nicky Minaj.

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The 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker reportedly stepped out for Clive Davis and the Recording Academy's pre-Grammy gala, during which many people were able to notice the difference in her physical features.

Some of them also claimed that the rapper had performed surgeries on her face which included fillers and a nose job. Cardi B's new look did not go too well with her followers due to which she got badly trolled for it.

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Commenting on her looks being similar to that of Minaj, a fan wrote "This is really mysterious why would Cardi go out to get her arch enemy's face put on hers? This is disturbing. I guess imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery."

Another user posted, "Look at the nose contour and tip refinement 2019. Her bridge is naturally scooped out. It looks like fillers were added so that’s not as harsh it looks like her cheeks and jaw were also softened up. She looks like she was eating some good cakes and pies for a few weeks," the troll added.

"Her nose looks wider than usual now," another commented.

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