Cardi B’s raunchy night out


Lagos, Dec 8 (IANS) Rapper Cardi B had a fun time during a raunchy night out at a Nigerian strip club.

The 27-year-old posted a series of pictures on her Instagram Stories just one day after she touched down in the continent of Africa.

Several short videos showed naked strippers gyrating over each other while a group of men looked on in a private area of a strip club in Lagos, reports


The rapper, who was wearing a snakeskin co-ord, sat back and threw money over the backs of the strippers as they bent over and removed their underwear.

As the clips progressed, completely naked women were seen dancing with each other as Cardi B watched on. At one point Cardi bent down to get her face closer to a stripper’s twerking derriere.


The next morning Cardi updated her Instagram Stories, showing the view outside her hotel window as she explained she hadn’t slept at all – despite it being past 10 in the morning.

She said: “Yo I f***ing hate that I haven’t f***ing slept. I came from the club and I haven’t slept, for s**t. It’s alright thought I just hope I don’t crash in the middle of the day. But I’m getting ready cause I’m about to go outside.


“It’s a beautiful motherf***ing day in Nigeria. It’s f***ing pretty. I’m going outside,” added Cardi, who landed in Lagos on Thursday.







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