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Charlotte Louise Spencer of ‘The Lost Girls’ in Hollywood movie ‘Evan Wood’

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Leeds Lass Charlotte Louise Spencer proves with talent, determination and hard work, dreams of stardom really can come true. Growing up as a young girl in the Northern UK city of Leeds, Charlotte Louise Spencer was nothing less than a lively, bursting bundle of creative shining energy! Her early passions encompassed everything from the Performing Arts, dancing and singing, and at 5 years-old she had already begun professional training to become an actress.

Sixteen years later at 21, Charlotte made the confident, and very brave decision to move to Hollywood, but today that confidence, determination and sheer talent has started to pay off. Charlotte has landed the lead role in a movie being released in 2022, titled ‘Evan Wood’, directed by Niki Byrnes. The film has some big names including, Michael Parr (Emmerdale), Jere Burns (The X Files) and Trevor Stines.

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Charlotte not only plays the lead role in Evan Wood, she was a co-writer too. “Evan Wood is about a young writer, Rachel Wood, who is desperate for some inspiration. When she learns of her grandmother’s passing she returns home after many years and begins digging into her forgotten life and reconnecting with the family members she left behind. In particular, her younger brother, Evan.”

The story of Evan Wood touches on many serious subjects, such as family, love, grief, and addiction.

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Charlotte said, “When I first began writing the script, it was extremely important for me to highlight these topics in the most realistic way possible. I am very proud of the way we represented drug addiction. I wanted to give the family of the victims a real and understanding voice.”

Evan Wood takes an unflinching look at the reality of suburban America during the sweeping addiction epidemic that has torn countless loving households to pieces. It begs the question: what does a happy ending look like for the family member of an addict?

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Rachel’s return to her small town is filled with both healing and painful revelations: a romantic rekindling with an old love interest, and most notably, the challenge of helping her brother as he struggles with issues of mental health and addiction.

As for the future, Charlotte Louise Spencer is very clear. “I always want to keep pushing myself as an actor by playing complex characters. My main goal is to continue producing my own stories. Evan Wood was the first feature film I have produced, and I am so proud of the outcome. I learned so much from the process and I can’t wait to use everything I’ve learned when creating my next film. Hopefully, I will continue and each film will be bigger and better.”

Charlotte is already well known for her appearances in the TV Series ‘The Lost Girls’, and she has also been cast for a role in the new horror movie ‘Getaway, which is based on the infamous hoax, ‘Momo Challenge’

EVAN WOOD tells the story of Rachel, a writing student in Los Angeles, who finds her life disrupted when she receives news of her grandmother’s passing. At the encouragement of a trusted professor, she decides to return home after years away from her relatives, to process the family’s trauma through her writing.

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