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Chris Hemsworth shares a quirky pre-flight clip involving moisturiser and headphones

Naomi Campbell set the bar high for her kinky pre-flight rituals back in July. However, the 'Avengers' star Chris Hemsworth who is no stranger to the perils of long-haul flights has topped it.

Hemsworth took to his Instagram where he shared a tongue-in-cheek video demonstrating how he keeps his ears 'hydrated' during air travel.

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The video clip shows the 'Thor' actor sitting inside a plane next to his personal assistant, Aaron Grist and fitness trainer Luke Zocchi, who were trying to encourage the star to wear a pair of headphones smothered in a face moisturizer.

"Put a bit of moisturiser on here… rub it in," Adam said as he rubbed the moisturiser on the inner side of Chris' large headphones.

"Now put them together so you can't see it," added Luke as Aaron carefully applied the moisturiser-covered earphones together.

Not realizing that Aaron and Luke were actually trying to pull his leg, Chris carefully put on his headphones onto his ears and started listening to the audio coming from the TV in front of him.

Aaron and Luke couldn't hold in their laughter as they noticed dots of white cream rolling down his cheeks. Realizing he's been pranked, the star removed the headphones and shouted, "What? Did you spray me? Aw f*ckin hell."

Chris uploaded the hilarious clip on his social media alongside a typically self-deprecating caption, which read: "One of the most common side effects of frequent air travel is dehydrated ears."

Check out Chris Hemsworth's airplane hack below:


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