Dame Judi Dench does not want to retire

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Veteran actress Dame Judi Dench, 84, does not want to retire because there is nothing else she would rather be doing.

Dench, who has featured in more than 100 films, including seven Bonds movies, shared that the word retirement does not exist in her dictionary, according to a report in "mirror.co.uk".

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"I am so bored of the question. You retire in order to walk, paint or travel. All those things. Well, I get to do that. I am doing the job that I would retire to do," she said.

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Dench also recalled how she approached by a James Bond fan while in the depths of the Borneo rainforest earlier this year.

She added: "I was in Borneo in March and people only seem to know about James Bond. I had photographs taken with people who owned crocodiles – because of Bond. Nothing else, but Bond. It is kind of worldwide isn't it?"

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