Ellie Kendrick reveals her struggle to act funny

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Los Angeles, Sep 14 (IANS) Actress Ellie Kendrick says she struggled to get the comic timing of her character right in drama series “Press”.

The actress, who was seen in hugely popular “Game Of Thrones” as Meera Reed, essays the reporter Leona Manning-Lynd in the series.

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“One of the most exciting challenges has been getting the comic timing of this character right, as well as trying to make her grounded in reality and a relatable character who you might see in your everyday life,” Kendrick said.

“The script is so delicious, the words are so much fun to say and perform, and making sure that we all, as a team, make the most out of Mike Bartlett’s words and honour them — that was important to all of us. Also getting a chance to do a comic role, that’s always something that I enjoy,” she added.

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“Press” tells story of two media companies conflicting about whether news is entertainment or the path to seek out truth. It will air in India on Zee Cafe from September 17.

The actress met with her journalist friends to prepare for the role.

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“I have friends who are journalists so I was able to talk with them a little bit about their experiences of working in the office and going out and following up on stories. The sheer amount of work that’s involved in following up an investigation was something I found really interesting to learn about. Perhaps it will be interesting for journalists to see a bunch of actors playing their roles,” she said.

Kendrick is confident that people will relate to the show.

“There’s rivalry, there’s gossip, backstabbing, but also there’s a lot of friendships that you see played out in each of those places… and romances… There are a lot of characters having to question their moral and ethical standpoints,” she added.



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