ANGEL HAS FALLEN trailer released. Check Out

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ANGEL HAS FALLEN, action thriller film features Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler in the main leads. This film is a third addition to the OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN series. 

The trailer has completely engrossed us to know the fate of the President played by Morgan Freeman. In the film, LONDON HAS FALLEN Morgan Freeman was the Vice President.

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Gerard Butler who found himself on duty saving the President in the film LONDON HAS FALLEN will again be seen doing the same. Gerard Butler, who was an agent in the film LONDON HAS FALLEN, will now be seen as a framed criminal. Although he knows that he has been wrongly accused of killing the President, he has to prove his innocence. Will he be able to do so??

As per the trailer was shown, even though the President is alive, will he be able to make it up till the end??
The film is slated to be released on August 23, 2019. Check the trailer above to know more.

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