Gordon Ramsay’s ‘ripped’ body takes internet by storm

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Los Angeles, Oct 13 (IANS) Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay left his followers swooning as he showed off his rippling muscles in a topless photograph

The chef wowed fans as he posed on the beach in nothing but his running shorts and trainers, reports mirror.co.uk.

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Recently, the 52-year-old had received as much attention for his well-chiselled body as he has for his sweary kitchen outbursts.

Sharing it on Instagram, the dad-of-five wrote: “Wishing all the athletes the very best of luck for #kona @ironmantri today, crossing the line for me was one of the most exciting feeling ever !”

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Ramsay’s fans were way more interested in him.

One said: “Gordon out here looking more shredded than the meat he slices.”

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Another wrote: “chef you’re so sexy…”

“Hello hottie,” a user commented.

And one said: “Looking mighty fine Mr Ramsey.”



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