Hilaria Baldwin shows off her workout routine in an unexpected location

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Hilaria Thomas, a yoga instructor with Yoga Vida in Manhattan. She is married to Alex Baldwin.They have four children together.

She poster a video on her Instagram and captioned it saying, “Entire leg workout..fronts, backs, calves and butt! Also, if you activate your core, it’s great for abs too ??. 3 sets of 5 of each. Yes, I’m in my bathroom, yes, I’m wearing a sports bra and underwear…no, you shouldn’t get offended…unless you never go to the beach “

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She further explained, “My wardrobe choice allows you to see how I’m activating the muscles. Going through the motions of an exercise is good…but doing them with intention and activation will make them so much more effective!”

She added some caution, “On this note: another fun trick that I practice is doing these types of workouts right after a run (which is what I just did here). The cardio gets your warmed up and this tones on top of all the hard work you already did. “

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She also shared her advice, “For those of you who can’t or hate running, there are SO MANY ways to get your heart rate up. Find one that works for you. Start slow, be consistent, and little by little your lungs and your body will start to love it. (shout out to @physique57 who I love…check out their online workouts too!)”

In the video, she is seen wearing sports bra underwear. She explained the routine in the caption.The health expert did 'the entire leg workout' for 'fronts, backs, calves and butt' for all her followers.

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