Is Ironman still alive?

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The Avengers Endgame developed an excitement among all the fans to see the fate of Thanos. The josh amongst fans was observed so high that the price of the tickets reached a sky-high level. But all the excitements went down the drain when audiences saw the death of Ironman aka Tony Stark.

However, after the release of Spiderman: Far from Home, we find that Peter Parker aka Spiderman was quite upset with Tony's death. But one question still remains unsolved in mind. Can Ironman still be alive? See the trailer of Spiderman: Far from home and check for yourself.

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A few dialogues will surely keep your head scratching. In the movie, Spiderman says, "The World needs next Ironman". Though, at first glance, we see that he is doing something with a gadget which is similar to what Ironman movies generally show. Can this be considered as a hint of Ironman's presence in Spiderman’s film? 

In the Avengers: Endgame, we see that Tony along with other superheroes does time traveling in order to get back the Infinity Stones in order to reverse the catastrophe done by Thanos. So if they can bring back the Infinity Stone, why not the Ironman? Again, a thought to be given here!

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However, we find that some superheroes have taken either partial or on complete retirement from their superhero jobs and have gone back to their family life, be it Thor, Bruce Banner,  Scott Lang or Steve Rogers.

Let’s hope that the Russo Brothers have some surprises for us regarding Ironman

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