Jack White: Rappers have dangerous edge of music now

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Jack White, a former member of The White Stripes, says he is more of a fan of hip-hip than rock these days because it is more dangerous.

"Rappers have the dangerous edge of music now – what I would consider the closest thing to that stuff you might not want your parents to know you're listening to," White told Orlando Sentinel.

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The SEVEN NATION ARMY hitmaker recruited musicians that have worked with Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar on his new solo LP 'Boarding House Reach'.

The 43-year-old musician says that critics would have preferred him to release new music like The White Stripes' 2002 album "Elephant" though.

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White said: "I hear a lot of talk about people listening to this album, saying, 'You don't even actually hear a song till you get to 'Over and Over and Over'. What they're really saying is, 'I'm not hearing a song that I want from Jack White until 'Over and Over and Over.'

"They want me to write songs like I did on 'Elephant' ('The White Stripes') 2002 LP"

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