Jeff Goldblum worries about leaving his kids

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Los Angeles, Oct 27 (IANS) Actor Jeff Goldblum worries about saying goodbye to his children “prematurely”, being an older father.

Asked if he worries about being an older dad, he told The Times magazine: “I take them to karate class and they have swimming lessons at our house, and I drop them off at school. I see dads who are younger. I’m feeling good. I can do everything. But it’s not that it doesn’t occur to me. I would not want to say goodbye to them prematurely.”

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“There would be an extra reason to be disappointed to check out earlier than I hoped,” he added, reports female

The 67-year-old actor, who has Charlie, four, and River, two, with his wife Emilie Livingston, previously revealed he is “glad” he waited until later in life to have kids.

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He said: “I am glad I didn’t have kids until now really. I don’t know that I was equipped and I was busy and probably more self involved than I’m possibly capable of now, we’ll see. I do enjoy my kids now …

“After a couple of years during a sweet, sweet moment, she said, ‘Jeez, this is going so well, what if we had a baby?’ and I had flirted with the idea before and was glad that I hadn’t and had confirmed to myself that I wasn’t going to but because she said it, and because of what was going on between her and I, I thought, this is a serious and interesting proposition.

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“And it wasn’t until a year later when we went to my therapist and excavated and brought to the surface all of my considerations that I became clear and wildly enthusiastic about it.”



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