Friday, October 22, 2021

Jennifer Lopez lands in trouble over ‘bronx girl magic’ t-shirt

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Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez has got into trouble due to a post she shared and has been slammed and accused of appropriating black culture.

Lopez took to her social media accounts to share a couple of selfies of herself wearing a shirt bearing the words, "Bronx Girl Magic".

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Just as people might have known already, the name might be inspired by the Black Girl Magic movement, which was born as a way to celebrate "the beauty, power and resilience of Black women."

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However it did not go down well with social media users.

"I hate how people act so shocked and offended when I say I'm not a fan of Jlo because as a Latina, I'm supposed to idolize her or something. Black women can't have s**t lol the f**k is bronx girl magic?" one said.

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Another commented: "Jennifer Lopez culture appropriating a** really out here wearing a shirt that says Bronx Girl Magic."

Calling J.Lo a "fool," a user wrote: "That fool really said Bronx girl magic & watch her play stupid like she did when she tweeted ALM smh we really can't have anything."

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