John Krasinski related to A QUIET PLACE on a personal level

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Actor John Krasinski says film A QUIET PLACE came to him when he was dealing with the fear of being a father again.

Krasinski's wife and actress Emily Blunt had given birth to their second daughter back in 2016 when he started working on A QUIET PLACE. He has directed the film as well.

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"I was already dealing with all the fears of being a new father – fears of how to keep my daughters safe and how to be a good dad, when this came to me and so I related to it on a deeply personal level," Krasinski said in a statement.

A QUIET PLACE, also starring Blunt, follows a family of four who must live life in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound.

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"I felt that within the basic story was such an interesting, and terrifying, metaphor for what it takes to be a parent. I was an open nerve emotionally then, so it was a very powerful time to start imagining how two parents might try to protect their children by doing the impossible, by living without making a sound.

"It just made my imagination explode. There was so much about the idea that I wanted to explore," he added.

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On the film, Krasinski said: aceIn ordinary life you try to make sure your kids are happy, healthy, well fed, taken care of and educated, which is a lot to worry about. But in this nightmare world, the stress of being a parent is that times 10,000.

A QUIET PLACE, a Paramount Pictures movie, will be exclusively distributed in India by Viacom18 Motion Pictures. It is slated to open in India on April 6.

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