Friday, October 22, 2021

Jude Law opens up on his weird habit

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Actor Jude Law says he loves starving himself so that he can enjoy "excessive banquets" every now and again.

In an interview with Vulture magazine, the actor revealed that he follows an intermittent fasting diet in which he only eats between noon and 8 p.m, reports

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He said: "I love restricting what I'm eating, like really starving myself and only drinking water and eating like pulses and vegetables. And then I love excessive banquets, trying different types of foods and wines. I mean, we're only here once, right?"

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The 47-year-old also admitted that whilst he doesn't often take on roles just "for the money", there have been times where he has accepted some less acclaimed job offers simply to put "bread and butter" on his table.

"I wouldn't say that I necessarily do an awful lot of work for money, but there've been a couple jobs where I figure, Gosh, I actually need to make some money. When the work you do is also to put bread and butter on your kids' table, it has to be. I have quite a big responsibility base that I need to support. That's just a reality check. I'm constantly going through battles with my relevance, my integrity, or sense of self as an artist," he said.

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