Justin Bieber concert: Is it too late now to say sorry?

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What happens when an international teenage pop sensation visits your country for the first time? Naturally the niche audience who adores him goes berserk when their idol comes in their own city. Yes we are talking about Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber’s visit to India.

Justin was scheduled to perform around 8 pm at the Purpose World Tour concert held in Navi Mumbai last night but his die-hard fans were crazy enough to queue for the concert since early morning, braving the torture of the blazing sun and confusion caused by the numbers of gates to enter the venue (there were 10 such gates!)

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DJ Sartek and DJ Zaeden opened the concert and the mood was set in. However the fans were waiting eagerly for the ‘Baby’ singer to arrive. The crowd hooted every single time they spotted a chopper hovering at the venue, thinking that Justin has arrived. However Justin ditched his plan of landing at the event by a chopper and came by road instead. 

In fact parents tagged along their toddlers as well to watch the Canadian singer perform live! Such was the craze among the people. But however all the excitement got dampened once Justin ended his performance.

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Justin came on stage dressed as if he has just stepped out of a football practice match and appeared very casual and disinterested in his attitude.

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But the main reason for fans disappointment was Justin’s lip syncing at this high profile concert! The lip syncing was so bad that anyone could easily make out that the singer was not performing live. The spirit of the people who went bat shit crazy when they had arrived for Bieber’s concert was diminished as they were disappointed by the singer’s no-effort performance.

Reportedly B-town celebs Bipasha Basu and her husband Karan Singh left the event immediately because they felt the security arrangements at the VIP section was very poor.

Imagine standing in long queues to get tickets, paying exorbitant amount for those tickets on top of that beating the scorching heat and then you watch your idol perform like the concert or the love of the 40,000 fans present at the concert matters the least to him. How would you feel?

Justin your concert was a big letdown for us and we guess it’s too late for you now to be sorry about it.

Read the flak that the singer received for poor lip synced performance at the concert:

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