Justin Timberlake’s surprise Zoom call leaves Joe Biden volunteers screaming with joy

Justin Timberlake is continuing his support for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as 2020 US election nears its end.


Justin Timberlake is continuing his support for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as the 2020 US election nears its end.

On Monday, the ‘Cry Me A River’ hitmaker surprised a group of Joe Biden campaign volunteers in Philadelphia by crashing their Zoom call ahead of Election Day.

The singer shared the the video of the call on his Instagram saying: “I just wanted to come on and tell you guys that you’ve got a huge fan in me.”


“ONE MORE DAY,” Justin Timberlake wrote alongside the heartwarming clip. “If you haven’t already, please get out and #VOTE! Thank you to this amazing group of PA phone bankers and voters for letting me crash your zoom.”

The group of volunteers from Philadelphia, including a dad holding a little baby, were reportedly phone banking in support of Joe Biden on Monday night. The group’s moderator was about to begin when she suddenly realized an attendee named ‘Justin Branch’ had not turned on the camera. After politely asking the unknown attendee to do so, the volunteers screamed with joy when Justin Timberlake revealed himself, reports toofab.

He went on to remind the group that their state of Pennsylvania will win big. “Your city, your state is going to be huge in this election.”


The 39-year-old pop singer and actor paid attention to some of the volunteers who shared their stories about how they got involved in the campaign and why they decided to support the former vice president.

He also talked about his own reasons for endorsing Joe Biden and expressed his support for Biden’s VP pick, Kamala Harris, calling her “the coolest human on earth.”

“I always was told when I was young that the hardest work that you do is the work that nobody gets to see. I think that really is apropos to what you guys are doing behind the scenes for the campaign.”


“And I just wanted to come on and say how much I appreciate it, and you guys are the real rock stars. So, thank you so much,” Justin Timberlake said.

He later went on to applaud them for their work adding: “This is so inspiring to see young people like yourself get engaged like this,” he said. “And you are not just as important but a special kind of important to the process of politics and democracy. Kudos to you.”

Justin Timberlake also discussed about the current racial unrest and expressed his support for Joe Biden and his running mate, Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

“We need a country and a world that condemns racism and you see how the little things that are a part of this bigger system can hold back so many people and we need a president who is going to fight for those people,” he explained. “Seeing how Joe has stood up against that and Joe has so much experience.”



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