Saturday, October 23, 2021

Katie Price shares her list of childhood rules

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Singer Katie Price recently went down a memory lane and shared pages from her exercise books that shed kept from early secondary school days, revealing her childhood rules.

Katie took to Instagram Story and shared the laws she vowed to stick to as a 12-year-old after stumbling across some of her old notes over the weekend, reports

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Her Rules for living include, thankfully, not to murder anyone. She also says that she should worship no God but hers – and also not to swear. She should always respect her mother and father, and not commit adultery.

"Not to falsely accuse anyone – and not to envy another person," the list read.The 41-year-old also shared a page, which featured an essay titled 'When I Grow up'.

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"When I grow up I hope to find a nice good looking man with lots of money and I want to own riding stables and travel around the world," the essay read.

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