Kim Kardashian shares emotional letters from late father

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Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has shared cards and handwritten notes on social media that throws light on her relationship with her late father, Robert.

Robert Sr died of cancer in 2003.

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Kim has not been seen opening up much about the loss. Robert senior was a lawyer and the cards and handwritten notes were shared between the father and daughter, reports

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"My dad would always leave me notes when we lived together," she wrote.

He scribbled on one: "Kim, I'm at lawyers for uncle Larry's birthday. I have my pager. I'll be home at around 10 o'clock. Love you, Daddy."

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She then posted some of her messages to him when she joined him aged 22 at his office.

"I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you do for me — I love working for you. Happy Father's Day," she wrote.

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