Friday, October 22, 2021

Liam Payne tries out Harry Styles’ new sleep song and its hilarious

Liam Payne had One Direction fans in a frenzy as he gushed over bandmate Harry Styles' new sleep track.

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Liam Payne had One Direction fans in a frenzy as he gushed over bandmate Harry Styles’ new sleep track.

Liam, 27, treated fans to an adorable and hilarious Tiktok live session, where he tested out the tape, which features Harry reading out soothing words to help listeners sleep.

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“This is going to be really weird for me because I’m not used to hearing Harry’s voice in the morning as much as I used to be,” Liam Payne said during the hilarious clip.

The Wolverhampton singer couldn’t help but wear a broad smile on his face as Harry’s famously dulcet tones washed over him.

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“I mean, it’s just lovely, isn’t it?” he gushed, “I feel better already, I really do feel better already.”

Fans watching the video couldn’t get enough of it, as they flocked to Twitter to rave about what they’d just seen.

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One tweeted: “oh my god. liam listening to harry’s sleep track is pure gold.”

“Liam listened to sleep with Harry and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again,” a user commented.

Another fan gushed: “Liam listening to Harry’s Sleep Story and then saying ‘i mean, it’s just lovely, isn’t it.’ REALLY MADE MY DAY.”

“I can’t believe Liam listened to Harry’s sleep story on his live,” a fan said. “It was hilarious and sweet and he complimented Harry on his soothing voice and I just need to breathe because WOW.”

Harry Styles collaborated with meditation app Calm for the project, which has been widely popular among his fans.

Liam Payne’s video comes after he addressed his engagement to Maya Henry with a £3million ring for the first time. The pair have been dating for two years, following his split from Cheryl.

The singer also shares three-year-old son Bear with ex Cheryl

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