Matt Damon reveals he had turned down ‘Avatar’


Los Angeles, Oct 2 (IANS) Hollywood superstar Matt Damon has revealed that he has lost a chance to make huge profits by turning down a role in James Cameron’s sci-fi blockbuster, “Avatar”.

“Cameron offered me ‘Avatar’ and when he offered it to me, he goes, ‘Now, listen. I don’t need anybody. I don’t need a name for this, a named actor. If you don’t take this, I’m going to find an unknown actor and give it to him, because the movie doesn’t really need you. But if you take the part, I’ll give you 10 per cent of…’,” Damon said, in an interview to GQ.

When the interviewer asked if he was implying whether Cameron had “offered you 10 per cent of the ‘Avatar’ profits”, Damon replied: “I told John Krasinski this story when we were writing ‘Promised Land’, and he goes, ‘what?!’ And he stands up and he starts pacing in the kitchen. He goes, ‘OK. OK. OK. OK. OK’! He goes, ‘if you had done that movie, nothing in your life would be different; nothing in your life would be different at all — except that, right now, we would be having this conversation in space’.”


“So, yeah. I’ve left more money on the table than any actor actually. That sucked and that’s still brutal. But my kids are all eating. I’m doing OK,” said Damon, according to a report in








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