Meghan Trainor: I’m super in love


Los Angeles, Dec 30 (IANS) Singer Meghan Trainor says she feels “super in love” with her husband Daryl Sabara.

She got married to Sabara on December 22, 2018 — which was also her 25th birthday.

“It’s so good. It’s very romantic right now, we’re super in love,” quoted Trainor as saying about her married life.


Meghan has recently spent a lot of time in the UK, where she has joined the judging panel of “The Voice”. Trainor also revealed that her mother and brother had accompanied Darryl on her trip to the UK.

She said: “My mum is here, my dad didn’t make this short trip because it’s too hard on his body but he’s waiting for us back at home. They’re everything, I can’t do anything without then. My older brother is my videographer and my mum’s my assistant, and my husband’s my husband. They all take care of me and it’s great.”








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