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Mel Gibson to star in action thriller film

Hollywood veteran Mel Gibson will be seen in Joe Carnahan's thriller "Leo From Toledo". The film also features and Frank Grillo, the star of films such as "Wheelman" and "Point Blank".

Gibson said: "I've seldom had more fun than sitting in a writer's room with producer Lawrence Grey and writer-director Joe Carnahan, while we spit balled on this story. It's a tight, fast thriller, but its quirky observations had me in stitches."

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"I've wanted to work with Lawrence for quite a while; he has a nose for great material and an ability to deliver it in style. Joe and I refer to him as the arbiter of taste. He balances both of our inner 14-year old's," he added.

The project centres on a former killer for the Kansas City mob (Gibson), now hiding in witness protection and having trouble remembering simple things. A hunted man, he must race to save his estranged daughter and granddaughter, reports

Carnahan directs "Leo From Toledo" from an original script by Dan Casey. The film is about a former killer for the Kansas City mob, who is now protected by a witness protection programme, and who has trouble remembering things.

Gibson, Grillo and Carnahan have also collaborated in the upcoming science fiction action film, "Boss Level", scheduled to release soon.

Gibson won Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director for his 1995 film, "Braveheart". He received an Oscar nomination for directing the 2016 film "Hacksaw Ridge".


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