Friday, October 22, 2021

Miley Cyrus shares naughty pics from pumpkin patch

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Picking pumpkins is usually a family-friendly outing for most, but pop star Miley Cyrus has managed to turn the activity into a sexually-suggestive romp.

The 26-year-old singer-actress found a gourd-shaped like a male organ during her visit to a pumpkin patch, reports, and she decided to strike a few raunchy poses with it.

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The "Wrecking Ball" singer took to Instagram Stories to share a picture of her posing suggestively with the pumpkin, which looks like a phallic symbol, as she holds it in front of her crotch.

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"What kind of f***ing pumpkin patch is this?!?!" she wrote.

She then shared that she named the fruit "Gourd-en Ramsey for obvious reasons….," making a reference to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

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Cyrus shared two other photographs from her visit to the pumpkin patch. Unlike the phallic pumpkin, the other images are of rather harmless fruits. Miley is seen sitting among large, orange fruits displayed on stacks of hay.

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