Peter Andre aspired to act in forties

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Singer Peter Andre always wanted to launch a Hollywood career in his forties.

"I leave in March to start filming two movies in LA. I can't tell you any more, which is a bit of a nightmare, but I'm so excited. I always said I wanted to go into movies in my forties – it was always my dream. So whatever happens, I'm filming in LA – as if I could ask for anything more," Andre told Heat magazine.

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The star, 44, has not been honing his craft in advance but he's confident in his abilities because he always did well in drama class at school, reports

Asked if he's been honing his skills, he said: "Not really. I've done read-throughs, but I'm going to speak to people because I want to be really good. The thing is, I grew up acting at school and I was one of the highest achievers, I got an A+.

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"Funnily enough, I failed at music, I was terrible at it at school. Then again, I always remind myself that Elvis, the King of Rock n' Roll, also failed music – he got an F, so I'm in good company there."

Andre is looking up to some big names in Hollywood for inspiration.

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"I love Robert de Niro and Al Pacino, I grew up on those guys' gangster movies.

But I also love really stupid slapstick comedies with Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell – I'd love to do that. One of the films I'm working on is actually a comedy," he said. BDAR, asmens duomen? apsauga

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