Peter Andre keen to give Buckingham Palace a makeover

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Singer Peter Andre says he would love to give a 21st century vibe to the Buckingham Palace by adding high-tech gadgets.

"I'd love to go to into Buckingham Palace and give it a high-tech makeover. I want to modernise it and get the Queen kitted out with a projector and a home-cinema room. And she needs a chill-out zone. I'll programme her TV, so the only things that come on are our show and the news. I want her to have the clap! I mean (claps hands together) 'lights on'," Andre told Heat magazine.

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The 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker doesn't think the Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip will have a problem with the added gadgets, as he believes the royal couple are already tech savvy, reports

Asked if he thinks the Queen understands technology, Andre said: "Oh yeah. I bet you she's got her iPad and she's on it, mate. She definitely uses Amazon Prime."

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