A few don’ts while watching AVENGERS ENDGAME

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The Avengers Endgame is finally released. We see that the craze for films is ever increasing by the day. But before you leave for the movie, we would like to warn you not to do certain things that you cannot live without. We have listed a few warnings that might help you enjoy Avengers Endgame thoroughly.

Mobile Phones – We bet that you would not like to miss any part of the movie or else the link would break. So the best advice is not to use mobile phones. Your boss or wife might be very important but remember (for now) that you have paid for the most anticipated movie and now this movie is your top priority.

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Toilet Breaks – Though, going to toilet is very important, ensure that you do not miss any scene of the movie as every scene is packed with some dialogues, action or punch lines. An alternative being, visiting the washroom just before the movie begins.

Eating – Sure, you might be hungry, but being a true Marvel fan you are equally hungry to watch the scenes too. Most movies become entertaining with popcorn, but not this one. Moreover from a true marvel fan, the advice would be to help yourself stay patient and enjoy the show, rather than distracting yourself munching food from the goings on.

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Chit Chatting – We can understand that humans are social animals, but you should keep in mind that if you talk you would miss the dialogues of the movie that might be important for a true marvel fan.

Spoilers – Speaking on the spoilers, we know that we love to discuss on the movies that we watch, but remember that for a true Marvel fan a spoiler would in fact increase the curiosity for the movie (to know how) since seeing is believing.

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Be on time – We can tell you that punctuality always pays off and is a must since the beginning is always packed with some scene or the other which you cannot miss. Moreover, not just you, but others will also be disturbed if you start searching for your seats in others engrossing situation.

We can say one thing that if you follow the above tips, rest assured that you and your friends would enjoy experiencing the Avengers: Endgame thoroughly.

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