Rapper Dino James goes fearless in new song

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Mumbai, Sep 2 (IANS) Rapper Dino James has unveiled a new song, “Nidarr”, which is about a fight between you and yourself.

The song is about the journey of fighting the odds that limit your true potential and rising up to embrace your innermost desires while fearlessly pursuing your dreams to conquer the self and the world.

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“‘Nidarr’ is basically about Dino James who is inside me. I am the sort of a guy who lives in self-doubt and fear. Now it’s relatively less, so it’s about the inner Dino James,” he said.

“Everyone has a character inside them with whom they fight. You fight with it and you become successful. This video is about the time when I went back to my home-town (Madhya Pradesh) from Mumbai as I had thought I wouldn’t make it big in this industry. But when I conquered the Dino James within me, then everything fell into place. This song is about that,” added the “Bhokali” hitmaker.

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