Renee Zellweger feels ‘uncomfortable’ about joining Insta


Los Angeles, Nov 29 (IANS) Actress Renee Zellweger says she won’t join Instagram because she feels “uncomfortable” about being less private.

In a round table interview for the LA Times newspaper, the “Judy” says she doesn’t like the idea of showing fans a glimpse into her life via the photosharing app, reports

“I think about this a lot. And I think about the way that I grew up and the way that I was raised. My parents are very private people. And we didn’t talk about family things out in public. And I just feel uncomfortable with it. And I think our generation is probably the last to have some expectation of privacy,” she said.


The 50-year-old actress also spoke about the selfie craze among fans.

“It’s a peculiar thing when it doesn’t occur to the younger generation that it’s not weird at all to pull out your phone and take a picture of somebody a foot from their face without saying hello, because that’s just the nature of things these days. And it’s perfectly normal. And I get that. I completely understand it. And I have no problem with it,” she said.


Over the years, Zellweger says she has learned that in order to be her best self, she needs to “keep it small”.

She said: “I find that when I focus most of my energy on the people who are closest to me and I spend time nurturing my internal self, my curiosity, learning, growing, becoming a better person, that I do a better job of it when I keep it small. I’m a better daughter. I’m a better friend. I’m a better actress. I think I’m a better human being.”








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