Robbie Williams, wife ‘happier’ now

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Singer Robbie Williams says since working on "The X Factor" with his wife Ayda, they are "happier".

In an interview with, Williams said: "We were a really tight unit anyway and when people say marriage is really difficult and you have to work at it, we never understand that saying… and long may that continue."

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"I think that we are happy anyway but since 'The X Factor' maybe happier."

"Ayda is ambitious and talented and creative and I dragged her away from her job and made her be my dressing room support. Now she has been working and really enjoying herself and because she is more fulfilled I guess that as a unit, we are happier."

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Previously an actress in the US, Ayda got her break on "Days of Our Lives" before appearing in shows including "Eve" and "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip".

But after moving to the UK, Ayda gave up her acting career to be by Williams' side.

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