Roxanne Pallett accused of ‘acting’ by cast of Celebrity Island

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Actress Roxanne Pallett has been accused of "acting" by her "Celebrity Island" co-stars while viewers branded her a 'drama queen' during Sunday night's episode of the show.

The "Emmerdale" actress, who recently walked out of "Celebrity Big Brother" after accusing Ryan Thomas of "deliberately" punching her, left the show after five days because the smell of smoke reminded her of a house fire, reports

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Pallett's antics, including screaming and sobbing throughout the episode, left Julia Robert's brother Eric questioning her behavior.

During the show, Pallett swims out to sea in search of fish for the group to eat, which results in her catching her feet in a net and screaming for help.

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When she returns to shore she describes how she felt trapped and "couldn't even kick", telling her fellow contestants that it's "deep out there" as she is comforted by Reality TV star Pete Wicks.

Fans were quick to brand the actress a 'drama queen' following her theatrical screaming from the ocean.

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