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Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth engage into a hilarious ‘trash talk’ on social media

Ryan Reynolds continues to engage into a hilarious feud and has now turned his attention to Australian star Chris Hemsworth

Ryan Reynolds continues to engage into a hilarious feud.

The Canadian actor, who is known for his long-running tongue-in-cheek feud with actor Hugh Jackman, has now turned his attention to another Australian star: Chris Hemsworth.

The funny exchange began earlier this week, after Reynolds, 44, roped in his mom Tammy, to trash talk about the ‘Thor’ star in a Dec. 8 Twitter video.

“To my fellow @agboleague superhero fantasy football players. I don’t trash talk. Even if it’s “required”. Even if it benefits the astounding work of @sickkids
hospital. Disparaging others isn’t what heroes do. I was raised to treat friends with respect. #ChrisHevansprine,” Ryan Reynolds captioned the clip.

“Chris Hemsworth is everyone’s least-favorite Australian,” Tammy began. “And as a reminder, Hugh Jackman still exists. Chris is an asshat who looks like a bodybuilder f**ked a platypus.”

“Only a mother can say this next part: Chris, you are a**,” she added before hurling a series of foul words, before finally ending with an apology and a parting insult, reports TooFab.

“I am so sorry for my son, Ryan. It’s my fault, I brought him up wrong,” she said further referencing a different Chris, Chris Pine “I loved you in ‘Wonder Woman,’ It was the best.”

The clip was shared to promote the AGBO Superhero League, where Marvel superstars participate in a fantasy football league to raise money for charity, reports

Chris Hemsworth, however, got his revenge on Wednesday by enlisting a crew member, Dan Blacklock, from the set of his upcoming Netflix movie ‘Spiderhead’ to hurl insults at Ryan Reynolds.

The 37-year-old Hollywood hunk shared a video on Instagram in which he can be seen sitting next to the movie’s costume designer, who seemed quite shy to say bad things about the ‘Deadpool’ star.

“@agbofilms superhero fantasy football league trash talking is in full swing!! It’s all for charity so no hard feelings right @vancityreynolds!” he captioned the post.

“Hey, Ryan Reynolds, what’s up? Saw you got your mum to trash talk me, so I’ve got my dad here to say some horrible things about you,” he said, pointing towards Dan Blacklock.

“I’m not your dad… [Ryan Reynolds] is a top man,” Blacklock said reluctantly.

Chris continued: “He’s not a top man! We talked about this before. Tell them all the stuff we discussed – you hate him, he’s a d**khead, the worst actor, your least favorite Canadian in the whole world.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Blacklock quipped.

“It’s not ridiculous, it’s what we talked about. You said you hate Aviation Gin, it’s disgusting,” Hemsworth continued referring to Reynolds’ gin company. Blacklock protested that it was his “favorite drink”.

Chris then said: “And Green Lantern, what did you say about that? It’s not the best movie ever. Even if you liked him, it’s not.”


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