Friday, October 22, 2021

Scorsese: De Niro introduced me to DiCaprio

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Acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese revealed that he was introduced to Leonardo DiCaprio by Robert De Niro after the actors worked together on THE BOY'S LIFE in 1993. At the Tribeca Film Festival, Scorsese said: "(He told me) 'There's this kid, Leo DiCaprio. He's really good. You've gotta work with him sometime'."

The filmmaker first acted on the advice with 2002's GANGS OF NEW YORK, and then worked with DiCaprio on THE AVIATOR, THE DEPARTED, SHUTTER ISLAND and 2015 short film "The Audition", which also featured De Niro, reported

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Scorsese added: "It was extraordinary fortune, because he liked the kind of images we made. And he wanted to make movies like that, in a way. In other words, not being afraid of certain topics."

"And he was more concerned with the truth of a character, and of a situation. And he wasn't afraid to go anywhere with this stuff."

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