So beautiful, easy to work with Ananya: Sean Kingston

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Jamaican-American singer Sean Kingston of "Beautiful girls" fame has collaborated with Ananya Birla on a song. Heaping praise on the Indian singer, he says it was easy and beautiful to work with her.

The two will release their single "Day goes by", which is co-written by Kingston and Ananya and self-produced, on September 20.

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"It was so beautiful and easy to work with Ananya. We linked up in India and she played me a few of her records and immediately I knew our sound together would be dope! I knew exactly the 'type of record' she was missing and that was 'Day goes by'," Kingston said.

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The song's video has been directed by Mike Ho, who has worked with the likes of Chris Brown and Cardi B.

It sees Ananya in a contemporary, captivating and chic avatar.

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"'Day goes by' is for anyone who's lost their mind in love… It's been brewing for a little while now: Sean and I knew we wanted to make something that captures that intoxicating feeling, and also make it super fun — something that people could dance to," Ananya said.

"When we got into the studio it all came together so quickly and organically. Sean's an amazing collaborator and there was always such a positive vibe. I'm so excited to share it with the world," she added.

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