Stephen Hawking dead, Hollywood remembers the ‘ladies man’


Stars paid their condolences to British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking following his death on Wednesday. While actor Eddie Redmayne remembers him as a 'ladies man', the official Twitter account of "The Big Bang Theory", a TV series that witnessed appearances of the famed professor, also remembered him.

Redmayne got candid about the celebrated physicist he played in the Academy award-winning film, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING in an unearthed interview, reports

Speaking about meeting Hawking in the interview with Jimmy Kimmel in 2015, the British actor described him as "as one of the most charistmatic men he's ever met and he's definitely a ladies man."


He also said that he reminded him of actor James Dean because he has this "kind of shabby and cool sex appeal." He also divulged that due to his nerves he kept saying 'Professor Hawking' repeatedly to which Stephen said: 'Call me Stephen.'

Redmayne then joked that because you can't change the tone of the voice equipment that Hawking used to communicate, he wasn't sure whether he had told him to call him by his name in a really friendly gesture or in a "stop being such a sycophant" way.

However the 36-year-old concluded that he was so, so generous.


He is not the only one who remembered Hawking as some of the stars even posted their memories on social media, reports

Big Bang Theory (official Twitter account of the show): In loving memory of Stephen Hawking. It was an honour to have him on 'The Big Bang Theory. Thank you for inspiring us and the world.

Katy Perry: There's a big black hole in my heart hours before Pi day. Rest In Peace


Kumail Nanjiani.: RIP Stephen Hawking. Genuinely very sad to hear that. If you haven't, read A Brief History of Time. It'll make the world feel more amazing and beautiful and strange. It'll also make you feel smart and stupid all at once.

Emmy Rossum: Just sitting here absolutely shattered about Stephen Hawking.

Tommy Chong: Stephen have a sweet journey and we will see you again soon I hope.



Stephen Hawking dead, Hollywood remembers the 'ladies man' 2

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