Suki Waterhouse ruins all her handbags

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Model Suki Waterhouse had to stop buying designer handbags because she trashes them.

"I stopped buying expensive bags because I literally trash them. I once dropped a foundation on a date when I was 15 years old and it smashed everywhere," Waterhouse told, reports

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She added: "I was so worried about my skin because I had mad spots and not having foundation panicked me so much so I scooped it back into my bag and I used my bag as a make-up palette. I kept reaching in there – teen story!"

The model set up her own label Pop & Suki with her friend Poppy Jamie in 2016, and since then she has found creating her own company "so interesting" because the pair are often faced with a hurdle, but they believe overcoming those challenges have helped her to become "assertive".

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She said: "I think you should really think about the friend you are going to go into business with. I wouldn't go into business with any of my other friends – even ones I really love. We really complement each other, Poppy has a lot of skills I don't have.

"For instance, I will say to Poppy, 'Do you have a town hall in Oxford shire where I want to do a party', and she will know it immediately. She knows absolutely everyone and makes them feel so special."

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